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In less than 60 minutes our team will personally lead you through a "done for you" process that will double your conversions by repackaging your message utilizing secrets taught by the world’s best marketers so that you can rock podcast interviews.
Let me share some truths for me, It was absolutely frustrating to see one thing work for one person and not work for meIt was extremely frustrating to have a message that's so powerful and receive amazing testimonials and  share them with the world only to hear crickets zero response, not even a friendly compliment let alone a sale.
I have spent many years in that place you are right now. Struggling is not strong enough of a word to describe how I felt trying to produce results my mentors are producing.
Hear me out... I love Chai Tea Lattes at Coffee Bean. I tried to make them myself, and failed miserably. I had all the ingredients, but not the process. Marketing, we can get all the ingredients online very easily, but that doesn't work for everyone. 
I have succeeded as a pro athlete, business owner even became a scratch golfer. 
I thought the quickest way to success was the ingredients not the process and I was wrong.
The process and customers that purchase our products who share why they bought them will reveal everything you need to change your outcome. Implemented the exact formula that has been tested by the world’s best marketers -- online and offline -- and this formula will consistently outsell your already FAILING process by a large margin.
Successful entrepreneurs capitalize on 
Our new tried and tested formula works for podcast interviews for two basic but very powerful reasons:
1. The listener is provided every thing "Top Marketers Anticipate" is needed to lead to a sale. 
2. The platform forces you to follow the STRICT formula, and NOT leave important parts out. 
*TRUE FACT: sending LISTENERS to your webpage
Puts you at RISK of losing sales.
As a "Top 30" ClickFunnels designer that has designs purchase daily and previous owner of a successful website agency, I will tell you first hand facts, less than 10% of the websites I have studied are not designed to convert visitors to sales. They are confusing at best. 
Short attention spans are a brutal hit to classic website designs. If your page distracts your visitors with unnecessary choices
There is a reason why I spent ten's of thousands developing this platform. The design is directly based on results and lessons learned from marketing Icons like Russell Brunson.
My years of experience as a Pro Athlete, Marketer, business owner, podcaster is yours Risk-Free
Here’s best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of an unprecedented offer. (But please don’t contact my existing customers about this offer.)  
I have been around marketing my entire life. As a professional sports figure and being sponsored by major companies like Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Converse, Vans, Oakley and GT Bicycles I have learned so much as to how they related to customers. I took the secrets I learned and implemented them in the businesses I created as well as my podcast I have today. Having interviewed over 250 guests and seeing what has worked and what has not literally gave me a roadmap to share here today. Why is it guests like Cody Butler make over $27,000? using our methods Read  on... 
Why am I qualified? to coach you and develop these tools?
In all honesty, I don’t particularly like talking about myself, don’t want to come across in any way as bragging, but I also want you to believe and trust in what I’m offering. So here’s a short resume’ if you will:
I have had the good fortune of a lifetime of experience with marketers on both sides of the spectrum.
  •  I have been trained by some the worlds best internet marketers like Russell Brunson in close door trainings.
  •  Have long standing relationship with longtime champion launch strategist Tom Beal who shares key discoveries.
  •  I was nominated as A “TOP 30” Funnel designer to feature my funnels in the world known Clickfunnels marketplace where Clickfunnels users around the world purchase my funnels to explode their sales.
  •  I am an Icon podcaster with over 250 interviews with entrepreneurs, global thinkers from across the globe. 
  •  I have interviewed some of the brightest minds in marketing and have the relationships to reach out anytime and ask the big questions. 
  •  As a professional sports figure I was sponsored by major companies like Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Converse, Vans, Oakley and GT Bicycles I got to be a part of some game changing marketing campaigns ran by “hired guns” at the highest levels in corporate marketing
  •  Featured in a full length documentary “A Wicked Ride” as one of the top influencers in the sport of BMX Freestyle recognizing my accomplishments on a worldwide scale. 
  •  Featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine the only BMX Freestyle rider to date to be featured in a REAL issue with world wide distribution.
  •  I have earned over 2 million dollars as a Inspirational speaker as a pro athlete sharing motivational guidance to youth  at over 2,000 locations.
LEARN HOW GUESTS LIKE Cody Butler GeneratED over $27,000 IN SALES USING OUR FORMULa alone
This is just the tip of the iceberg!  Christina Luna was stopped at her local grocery store to buy her services, Calvin Wayman uses our video in his promo reel to build credibility prior to going on stage, Erica Liebman's video brings hope to others struggling with anti-depressants.  

There’s so much more, I couldn't possibly list all the examples of guests using components of this offer to get the results they desire.  And this is why I’m offering you an incredible offer to increase your sales so you can be added to the list of game changers. Don't forget this offer is completely risk-free. If after 90 days you are not satisfied or experience sales increases, we will issue you a refund, and the coaching is on us. 
If A Picture is worth a thousand words...THen These PODCAST GUEST Videos Are the answers to your STRUGGLING INBOX?
Dennis coached me from the start & the clarity I gained exceeded my expectations. Jen- Ohio
He contributed in subtle nuanced ways that had me share my best stories Christina NYC
After 8 months of  being of doing my podcast interview I got  $27,000 in direct sales. Cody-Australia
The first time we had a lot of people reach out to us... So I came back on. Alex Austin TX
Here is a long list of Benefits & Features you will Get When invest in yourself By doing podcast interviews...
We carefully crafted this package to help you begin profiting from your hard work and explode your sharing potential on every podcast appearance. Look for yourself ... It's all covered, every wall climbed, every stone uncovered, all based on results.   
Coaching & Copy Content
  • Done for you we ask "key" the questions & develop incredible content
  • Powerful effective copy designed specifically to build identity & convert
  • Results driven coaching say the right things... right things will happen
Episode Feature Page "SEO Certified"
  • Professional designs saving time & keeps your focus on the process
  •  No hosting makes your website hassle & headache FREE
  •  Easy editing process eliminates middleman no change fee's 
  •  Higher conversion rates gets you more money in your pocket
  •  Out performs a standard website by keeping listeners on topic
professional marketable trailer starring you
  • Top Marketers do this builds anticipation needed to lead to a sale
  • Amazing for introductions absolutely will open doors to opportunities
  • Creates connection listeners attach to sharing vulnerability & strategies
  • Professional production editing, music, transitions
  • Builds credibility add to positioning yourself as an expert
  • Builds confidence see yourself the way you see other authority leaders 
  •  Social media bombshell increases exposure on social media by 300%

Iconic Podcast interview
  • Guest podcast interview on  FIVE Minute Bark Podcast
  • Share your message and catapult your credibility as authority 
  • Visibility in 165 countries on iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Youtube
  • Reusable content deploy reusable media cross all social media platforms
  • We drive traffic for you across our social media, websites & email lists
  •  Interviews are fun practice makes perfect & build's confidence
20 Sec. Pitch coaching & video
  •  Increase connection by having your message well rehearsed   
  •  Clear messaging eliminate vagueness to increase power and add curiosity
  •  Project certainty FOREVER change how people view & react to you 
YOUR OWN Podcast Sharable Library 
  • Organization organize all your interviews for sharing 
  • Embed anywhere copy/paste embed code for sharing anywhere
  • Private notes keep important notes related to your interview
  • Builds confidence seeing is believing the more you do, more your are confident  
Take 90 Days to Examine & Utilize our Strategies & Coaching within this POWERFUL Podcast Marketing Platform listed below...
  •  Professional video trailer:  What would it cost to hire a video and audio professional to record, mix and produce a professional marketable trailer starring you? For example, what would it cost to hire a reputable professional interviewer? A professional who is skilled in making guests feel comfortable enough to unleash full expression of your ideas and services in a way your clients can connect.  According to industry standards, professional editing can range from $800 to $1,000 per minute of video produced. This value is UNMATCHED.  Value $2,400
  • Episode Feature Page "SEO Certified" (Our Secret Weapon): You will get a full-page featuring you! "Done for You" copy will be created in your one hour coaching session. You will not find ANY podcasts that PROMOTE YOU the way this page does. Others at best, only provide a small area for show notes and a link to your website, which can likely demolish any chance for conversions. That's why you are here in the first place. Most importantly,  there is no hosting fees or  the hassle of uploading media. The design is simple. Your webpage is designed by  "Top 30 Clickfunnels Designers" incorporating a format used by the world's best marketers using formulas that lead to sales. Value $1500
  • Done for You session: 60 minute content curation coaching session where we will work with you to build out your secret weapon page by utilizing a process proven to generate more engagement. Value $600.
  •  Guest Appearance: On the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast you will have your very own interview. Your interview will be featured alongside influential global thinkers, marketers, book authors and professional speakers. Therefore, giving you more clout and opening doors you never would have imagined
  •  20 Second pitch video Dennis will spend time with you producing a 25 second pitch that will be used along side your interview. This coaching will be transformative. Value $497
  •  Featured on 5 of the worlds best media platforms We release your content video & audio in the proper fashion to the worlds most popular media outlets iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, YouTube. This generates at minimum 5 or more (Organic back links to your website that will dramatically increase your SEO Ranking in online search. We have consistently paid upwards to $500 for a single high ranking links These links can easily be Value $2,500 
  •  1 Full Year of access to our Industry Leading Podcast Marketing Platform that's packed with features and new ones being released all the time that will help you ADVANCE your chances of generating more sales. Value $2,500 annually
If you are not satisfied for any reason after 90 days your money is returned. No questions asked...
Take 90 days to examine and utilized our strategies within this POWERFUL Podcast Marketing  Platform.

That's right: You have 90 days full days to put this fleet of coaching sessions, platform tools and education to work in enjoy higher conversions on our podcast interview. Or on any other podcasts you want, wherever you want.

Test the results for yourself... Try as many of the valuable tips our team shares as you like. Once you've used these strategies, I'm confident you'll NEVER want a refund!

But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent. Just send us an email requesting a refund and we'll refund your entire payment.
Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee!
OTher AMAZING Bonuses with this offer only:
  • SUPER BONUS #1 - We will open up access to our "BRAND NEW" Feature "ONE SHEET BUILDER" where you can build out an incredible one sheet that will blow your mind..  Super Bonus Value $497
  •  SUPER BONUS #2 - Access to our powerful Podcast directory. In our platform you will get a chance to contact over 100 high profile podcasters, authors, speakers, business owners anytime. It's difficult to place a value on this...  Super Bonus Value $2000 
  •  SUPER BONUS #3 - I will give you one of my Clickfunnels "TOP 30 Designs" to use along with a 14 day free trial. You have 14 days to begin capturing leads just like this page does. Click funnels is so simple to use, pages can be made and you can begin making sales within hours.  Value $150    
THERE IS MORE bonuses .. YES... MORE...
THREE Of my favorite Podcasters have made a commitment to trust and accept my recommendation and have everyone who purchases the video option on their show. I can assure you.. You will be as impressed with them as you will be with the FIVE Minute Bark.
Podcast interviews
Ready to Get Real in a Fun Way.
Podcaster #1
Podcast interviews
Shares with the world why you should NEVER QUIT.
Podcaster #2
Podcast interviews
Also performs a FBLive that draws thousands !!
Podcaster #3
if only All you got was the PROFESSIONAL MARKETABLE TRAILER STARRING YOU.. What would that be worth to you???
Have you ever said...  if I only had what I just SAID on vide0
Trying to repeat a well spoken moment is next near impossible on podcast interviews. I have tried, many times it's just not the same as the real moment. We capture your FIVE Minute Bark video on camera and turn it into a masterpiece.
Ok so let's say your moment was caught on audio. When sharing a podcast with a link without a video, generally it's close friends and family that are the ones "Liking & Commenting" When you begin using videos, get ready for all that to change... for the better!!
The List is Long... 250 and Counting  ...
Sean Stephenson- Global  Thinker
Caleb Maddox - Inspirational Speaker
Russell Brunson - Clickfunnels CEO
He got me to go layers deep on my podcast interview. High production value and Genuine. 
The best version of myself came out. He made me feel comfortable.
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Jairek Robbins Trailer is just of  the many incredible guests you will be alongside. Take a look at this video because you will be next.
Here is one of our guests, You may know his dad...
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