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Conversations that share life's meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution.
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In less than 60 minutes our team will personally lead you through a "done for you" process that will double your conversions by repackaging your message utilizing secrets taught by the world’s best marketers.

If you are hustling HARD and appearing on podcasts and you are not seeing the results you expected.
 You are in the right place.

I am building a tribe of Relentless Rebels
Do You Want to be Around Other Like Minded "Rebels" That Take Success to The Next Level ?
 Do you need a push to take things to a new level. Are you lacking a support group that thinks and acts like you?

Here is a quick way to know if you want to be a member of this tribe... Apple, Uber, Airbnb and ClickFunnels!! Love em or hate em? All rebel companies, Doing things different, against the grain, relentless in nature, action takers.
The members of this group are committed and willing to become experts, re invent, re think how their industries move forward. They want transformation. 
FIVE Minute Bark Podcast is ...
A podcast where we share life's meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution. We dig deep to uncover the core roots of change where many enter a "Next Level Peak Performance" state that surges them through unsurmountable obstacles lined with fear, pain, or perceived danger. Guests and Listeners are Relentless Rebels that invest our lives in a ticket to ride on an epic journey filled with entrepreneurial spirt, creativity with the clear end goal . . . Financial Freedom. 
Relentless Rebel Masterclass  $1997
It’s “Next Level” work advancing your ability to “Show Up” effectively and speak with conviction and certainty necessary to convey your message to the world.
Conducting yourself in a aware state gives you an advantage in a noisy world. 
I vow to help others avoid millions in costly mistakes that I have made in my journey. 

My epic 6 week masterclass includes a deep dive into communication skills along with ways to tap into your own personal peak performance mode that will display conviction and certainly for your external world to see. As my Relentless Rebels grow using the methods we share, space is created and goals become real.

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My Favorite Inspiring Guests 
Here are a few 2 minute clips of some of our favorite guests. 
FunnelHacker Radio
Latest Appearance
Dennis's Appearance on the
Latest Appearance
Last Celebrity Appearance was on the
 Grant Cardone Show on 3/8/2016

  • Professional competitor in BMX Freestyle
  • Featured in Sports Illustrated magazine
  • Featured in BMX industry related magazines
  • Sponsored to travel worldwide as a professional
  • Built a company from the ground up 1991
  • Became a motivational speaker 1991
  • Held events in 49 states
  • Completed over 10,000 events
  • Completed 35 different events in one day

  • Created our first web CMS platform in 2000
  • Created an amazing Business CMS 2009
  • Co produced a documentary “A Wicked Ride” 2012
  • Started Codie Dog Interactive 2013
  • Produced Entrepreneurs code 2015
  • Launched my first Podcast in 2015
  • Reached over 200 episodes
  • Now broadcast in over 130 countries
  • Launched Celebrity Status Course
Future Goals...

  • Speaking from stage
  • Scratch golfer again
  • Creating online courses
  • Amazing relationships

  • Financial freedom
  • Create a community online 
  • Podcast sponsors
  • Pay off home

  • Help people think for themselves
  • The struggle is real for everyone

  • Help people communitcate
  • Believe in the entrepreneurial spirt
  • Be a reflection because we all need one
What I stand for is...

  • Freedom based living
  • Un planned lifestyle
  • Great friendships
  • Helping people grow
  • Competitiveness

  • Loyalty
  • Rising above the acceptable
  • Action takers
  • Being creative
  • Engineering solutions
Declaration of freedom

  • I do not have to explain myself
  • I walk my own path in life.
  • I hold & created a space outside of me for any success I choose to be carried out
  • I resist any emotion or thoughts that can damage my ego
  • I am entitled to ask anything of this universe and people
  • I can ask others I come in contact with for money in exchange for my expert skills or products
  • People are “distracted” or “self guided”
  • I can sit and bring awareness to my mind that the worry of judgement is no longer necessary.
My asks in life...

  • Allow me freedom
  • Let me create and engineer
  • I want excitement bursts
  • Allow me to compete
My desires...

  • Accomplish greatness in the things I put my mind to. 
  • Earn a million dollars in one year
Talking Strengths... 

  • Peak Performance
  • Podcasting 
  • Speaking from the Stage
  • Life of an Athlete
  • Build companies

  • Being  a Relentless Rebel
  • Being Present
  • Online Marketing
  • Creating Events 
  • Motivational

TESTIMONIALS: Here are real people loving my podcast
Dennis Langlais Back Story...
True Story . . . I wanted a fruitful life when as a kid. So I planted orange seeds and the middle of winter and buried coal wanting diamonds.
I grew up in a very small town lined with miles old abandon mills that left behind a small thinking way of life. If you were in any way creative “out of the box” mentality was not a hot topic, you could hear crickets. The residents have big hearts and opt for tradition over risk. With a population of only 16,000 I can remember when Mc Donald’s came to town it was insurmountable change. When I was young I developed a mindset of wanting big things wanting to do things against the grain. I keep reflecting back at the crazy things I used to do, Planting orange seeds, and burying coal to make diamonds. 
If I were to try to pick a date and time that trigger the desires to want to do more. I remember at my grandmothers watching TV The family always visited grandma, she was my best friend, she knew me well. on Sunday’s although I would visit her many times on my own years later many times a week - glove on handlebars and go. a we and sit and chat, and she would make me toast and butter, that simple but when that bread was baking it was a smell that I could not get enough.  

I can remember glimpsing down the hall at the TV and seeing...
On a particular Sunday well were all gathered to set off to church, I can remember glimpsing down the hall at the TV and seeing the Boston Red sox on TV and seeing the players hit a home run and the crowd cheering this awakening hit me I knew this is it, I want to do that! I want to play baseball. From this point on, nothing was to get in my way of doing so. There were two local family friends Peter and Paul whom were the talk of the town best players in the area twins in fact and they were really good. I used to goto their house every single day and knock on the door and wait outside on the curb for hours for them to wake up so we could go practice baseball. Looking back, boy was I a pain in the ass. I see where my relentless attitude came from. 
Baseball to BMX Freestyle
As I relentlessly clocked in hours on the fields practicing physically and mentally to become a great baseball player I learned consistency, sacrifice, and un wavering dedication. I would later understand that I was able to harness this mindset and everything I choose to apply it to. As I grew older I became a teacher favorite in middle school to two teachers I will never forget Mr Stockhause my 7th grade math teacher whom happens to be the baseball coach. After months of seeing me as a pest in class the day came where baseball tryouts were to happen and what came to him as a surprise was that I was an excellent player and when he saw me at practice that changed everything in our relationship. Me doing well in his class went from pest to must pass this class as I was an asset to the team. Left handed pitcher, first basemen things the team vastly needed. Another teacher Mr Roach .. Tall mean looking loud almost dangerous looks 6ft. 5 monster happens to be the basketball coach. I was also great at basketball and he would soon find out we had to make magic happen there as well to keep me on the team. As you can see school was not my thing. It wasn't that I didn’t want to get good grades, my mind was elsewhere .. 
Sports. That year everything changed for me as I was introduced to BMX freestyle at baseball one day… When I saw that first trick on a bike I was hooked instantly. See Sports were great I love baseball, but getting to and from practice was something that was very challenging for my family. My parents both worked and my dad went to school after work. This made getting home from practice almost impossible .. 
The Pain... 
I can remember so many times where I would be stuck there for hours after not knowing who was picking me up next neighbors mom, sister it was a disaster. As I began to ride more and hang with my new friend Darrin Prescott the transition was easier and easier .. With BMX I had control I could ride when I want anytime I wanted. With the commitment, and dedication skills already in place from a young age practicing on the BMX quickly I became one of the best in New England and eventually in the world. Sponsors, and the opportunity to travel and compete and perform around the world came easy. 
I have this burning desire
I have this burning desire deep down inside me alerting me like a fire alarm, it’s a pulsing feeling, an itch that will not go away. Have you had the intense feeling about something you have had so much passion about ? 

What uncomfortable sensations or elevated energy highs have you experienced? It’s ok, you can close your eyes for a second and feel them out.

I am a Relentless Rebel… When I find something I want to accomplish it will happen.

I wanted to be a podcaster, and get creative with it, be one that was able to create a comfortable place for my guests to share struggles on their way to greatness. The techniques they developed to get past insurmountable hole we find ourselves in when the walls cave in. It’s a tall order.

I have accumulated skills...

I have accumulated a number of skills from childhood sports, and a professional BMX Freestyle rider. That I utilized to build businesses, and now they are a perfect fit for my podcast. All the 1000’s of hours traveling, training, speaking, and performing I have developed a unique ability to captivate audiences make them feel the things they should feel to activate within themselves in action taking movements.

I have realized the power of utilizing communication on podcasts, and other media. There is something magical that happens when the guest or host has mastered the art of engaging people in way that brings the best out of them. Anyone who embraces this concept and practices upon these skills will communicate with conviction, certainty and emotion that causes “high value” transactions. Transactions include higher prices, status associations. 

Journey from fear to courage ...
This all did not come without a fight. 

The inner struggle was real for me becoming the host of The FIVE Minute Bark Podcast. I have had a constant struggle trying to express my self with writing and speaking. For so many years I tried so hard to create content and explain my self verbally. I feel like I am caught in a bubble speaking a language no body understands.

Posting a comment on social media to get feedback would get mis interrupted and more often than not doesn't get me the answers I am looking for.

The more I tried to speak clearly and enter into an effective conversation would end with a hollow shell of wasted time. It was gutting, like swinging a bat at a ball that’s right in from of you. You see it put the bat to the ball and it still misses.
Epiphany, I heard “Show Up”
It wasn't till I heard the words “Show Up” from my coach at the time Jim Case that things started to change for me. It was like I something switched in my head. I created a trigger that really worked. I began to dig deeper and build upon this with effective strategies that unleashed my “peak performance” that was stowed away on lock and chain not for use in a default existence. It was a mindset I used to snap into place in an instant that was must have to perform at the highest levels as a pro athlete. There is no way possible run this program on a daily basis its too potent, It’s a higher gear, It’s an awareness that when it seems like the walls are falling down, or you have to “burn the boat” you flick the switch into this intense laser focus I really want to explain it, and it’s best explained as vibrant high power surge thats perfectly manageable that allowed me produce results in situations that present unsurmountable challenges.
It was one of those “Only if’s” Only if I could communicate...
If this post has gotten your attention let’s have a conversation about you taking over one of the two spots remaining in my 6 week Relentless Rebel Masterclass

It was one of those “Only if’s” Only if I could communicate with not just a friend but a women where she is engaged. I will never forget this day at a Business networking event where “showing up” became natural. In the middle of the conversation the gal stopped and said “I have never has someone listen and respond so well in a conversation” I about teared up right there. This is breakthrough … This is what peak performance training can do, cause the un imaginable to appear.  
My capabilities and building an audience takes years. For starters my writing skills The financial stress of bills would literally throw my mind into a deep tailspin I think the term overwhelming is an under statement The amount of pressure was so intense you can feel the pressure build up in my head, the muscles in my arms would tighten and past through my whole body making my toes tingle from the consistent scrambling in my shoes, to want to get past this move on. I can never forget more than any thing two times that had me broken down to a point of no return or so I thought. April 15th 2015 Tax day! where I sat in my car looking up through my sunroof practically in tears almost incapacitated to move as I was not able to put together a total of 35 cents to buy a stamp. No pennies, dimes, nickels could add up to that total. “What am I doing to myself?” “Why are you doing this?” as a as anxiety switched to laughter. . . Because I want it that bad. 

Another time where I had to spend over 30 minutes pacing in my kitchen feeling useless to try to find the guts to call a friend to buy dog food for my dog, so she could eat. What kind of person would got to these lengths to become something they have so much passion for? I knew from past experience that taking on any other work that did not contribute to my podcast was only pushing it off and a distraction. But Dennis you have to eat, you have to pay your bills. YES! I do, I have a lot at stake, a home, a car, and no credit to rebuild with. These moments make or break a dreams there eventually is nowhere to go, no more people to call and the unthinkable “Quitting” finds the end of your tongue. A few big and deep breaths and you make the call … You ask…. and “YES” of course I will be right over. Each and everyday the weight can pressed by you or released by you. Holding a steady very strong steadfast believe that you can do something breaks the impossible into possible. 
The Wall - I have had this cloud over my head for many years...
I have had this cloud over my head for many years, For me trying to express my self with words, writing them in a order that combined, makes sense has been a fatiguing often daunting experience. While the rest of the world was schooling themselves with this art sentence structure, I was developing a peak performance mindset. Two skills, one I wish I had, and one you wish you had. Tale the the two lawns, grass is greener on the other side. The vastly educated engineer would want nothing more to feel the ride of a “peak performance” moment. Where all the courage in the world shows up transforms trying into relentless attack on execution. Athletes dream in the opposite. Putting pen to paper to extract this valuable resource. “I can show you” if you could just understand.

For so many years after I was an athlete, I tried desperately to create content and unload my life experience into a format anyone would understand. I seriously felt like I was caught in a bubble speaking a language no body understands. I have incredible ideas a mind built for making the impossible, possible. 

The simple task of posting a comment on social media to get feedback would get mis interrupted and more often than not doesn't get me the answers I am looking for. You just want to scream!!!!

The more I tried to speak clearly and enter into an effective conversation would end with a hollow shell of wasted time. It was gutting, like swinging a bat at a ball that’s right in from of me. I see it… I put the bat to the ball and it still misses. Do you know that feeling. 

The plan is to develop exercises that expand my ability to “Show Up”
The plan is to develop exercises that expand my ability to “Show Up” and help others unleash peak performance in the areas that they want. Create a Masterclass and videos 
The conflict... 
That had to integrate these trigger into normal every day life experience where every day is filled with normal life distractions. Normal passive communication that is often not conceived of prolific behavior. Fast moving, to easy to tone it down. low energy.  
As I continue to practice and apply the “Show Up” methods I constructed for myself the triggers over time become normalized. The results are anyone who embraces this concept and practices upon these skills will communicate with conviction, certainty and emotion that cause “high value” transactions. Transactions in order include; self confidence, higher prices and perceived higher status.

The transformation has produced results across the board. reduction in mumbling, gained confidence, better posture, health, many new relationships, followers, complements I never thought I could get. I enter into interviews, conversations not with doubt, but conviction, strength, and make a clear point to “Show Up”
Dennis Langlais Profile | FIVE Minute Bark Podcast / Relentless  Rebel   | PH: (858) 699-6240  | EMAIL: [email protected]
Dennis Langlais Profile | FIVE Minute Bark Podcast / Relentless Rebel | PH: (858) 699-6240 | EMAIL: [email protected]
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