Relentless Rebel Masterclass 
It’s “Next Level” work advancing your ability to “Show Up” effectively and speak with conviction and certainty necessary to convey your message to the world. 
Going on a podcast or media tour to share your message?
READ THIS first... Don't let your next interview be your last.
This is how it works. One interview leads to the next and you climb the ladder. Each time you are heard is your chance to gain followers and generate more sales.  But ... If you are unable to "Show up" and rock the interview , it's unlikely that the host will refer you to other shows. It's a small world "Podcasting" and we share guests when ever we can.
I see that so many guests can do better!!!
That's why I created my epic 6 week masterclass includes a deep dive intensely focused on “communicating skills” and ways to tap into your own personal peak performance mode that will have you show up at your best and interview with certainly. Everyone has a different starting place and at this time I will be personally doing the one to ones!

You can trust that my experience as a pro athlete and podcast host who has interviewed over 200 guests can lead you to "great" success in any interview situation. 

Nothing pains me more than to see someone struggle to share their message. We always say in marketing you have 3 seconds to get someone attention. If you are stumbling over explaining what you are an expert at, you are not going to get the results you deserve. I know what a host of a show needs and wants. That's why Relentless Rebel Masterclass was created. 

Share you message more effectively !!
  •  Shorten: the learning curve for others
  • Save: listeners time & money with you product and services. 
  • Benefit: from you discoveries 
Position yourself as an expert...

The fastest most fulfilling way to increasing your visibility and income is to be positioned as a expert in your niche market. There is nothing more exciting than sharing your message on a podcast or stage and having he rush of new followers hand you their credit card to buy your products & services or enroll in your high ticket masterminds.

Accelerate your growth curve by enrolling in my Relentless Rebel Masterclass.

 as you automatically begin to attract other high profile experts.
Today's Bonuses....
If you are ready to pull the trigger and get started today.  I have some exciting bonuses for you. 
  •  Value $1497 - Boy top producing funnel to grow your following. I will give you my top producing funnel that you can plug & play all your information in and began collecting leads.
  •  Value $997 - Access to my Manufacture Celebrity Course packed with over 24 modules of amazing content and private interviews with some of my guests who are experts on the topics we cover. 
  •  Value $997 - A featured episode on my podcast The FIVE Minute Bark
  • Value $497 -  A door opening profile page stacked to the top with all the work we will be doing in the 6 weeks we are together.
  • Value $297 - Feature guest trailer on The FIVE Minute Bark these videos are world famous and LOVED by many. 
Podcasts are Great for....
  •  Audience Exposure & Attention to your brand
  •  Build Trust with Authenticity
  •  Be Associated with a Podcast and it's Guests
  •  Validate your Expertise in your Niche
  •  Retain Leverage for Future Podcasts
  •  Aquire More Leads and Sales 
Don't want to wait?  Text me at (858) 699-6240
"There is "NOTHING LIKE IT You have built a incredible following  and it's clearly growing and great being back for a second time was a HUGE Privilege. I want to thank you for all your doing  for Entrepreneurs. You make it so easy and transparent for us."
Alex Charfen /  Coach to Billionaires "
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Meet The Host Dennis Langlais 
Dennis Langlais is the host of the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast. He has taken it upon himself to expand  your podcast experience.

As a Extreme Sports Pro Athlete. Dennis  is very familiar with the spotlight.  He made one BIG mistake. He took the humble approached and did not take advantage of media and the benefits that come with it.. NEVER AGAIN. This BIG mistake cost him millions. Don't make that mistake and get featured shine like you deserve and let the world know who you are authentically. Dennis is a motivational speaker with over 2,000 engagements under his belt earning over 2 million dollars. Dennis is also know for his amazing course on  "becoming a celebrity in your niche market" and was asked personally by Grant Cardone to share his knowledge on his show called "ASK THE PRO"
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