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You NEED Momentum...
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Podcasts are Great for....
  •  Audience Exposure & Attention to your brand
  •  Build Trust with Authenticity
  •  Be Associated with a Podcast and it's Guests
  •  Validate your Expertise in your Niche
  •  Retain Leverage for Future Podcasts
  •  Aquire More Leads and Sales 
Relentless Rebel Masterclass Enrollment will..
  •  Sky rocket your ability to communicate on podcasts
  •  Understand what most don't know about converting in an interview setting. 
  •  Change your ability to speak forever 
  •  Show you your "before and after"  interview  
"There is "NOTHING LIKE IT You have built a incredible following  and it's clearly growing and great being back for a second time was a HUGE Privilege. I want to thank you for all your doing  for Entrepreneurs. You make it so easy and transparent for us."
Alex Charfen /  Coach to Billionaires "
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Meet The Host Dennis Langlais 
Dennis Langlais is the host of the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast. He has taken it upon himself to expand  your podcast experience.

As a Extreme Sports Pro Athlete. Dennis  is very familiar with the spotlight.  He made one BIG mistake. He took the humble approached and did not take advantage of media and the benefits that come with it.. NEVER AGAIN. This BIG mistake cost him millions. Don't make that mistake and get featured shine like you deserve and let the world know who you are authentically. Dennis is a motivational speaker with over 2,000 engagements under his belt earning over 2 million dollars. Dennis is also know for his amazing course on  "becoming a celebrity in your niche market" and was asked personally by Grant Cardone to share his knowledge on his show called "ASK THE PRO"
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